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NAME: Lily
AGE: 22
JOURNAL: Pinkxlady
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NAME: Belarus - Natalia Alfroskaya
RACE: Country?
AGE: Way over 1000 =/
CANON POINT: Taken from the year 1991
GENDER: Female both physically and mentally.

Belarus is an intimidating and cold person, despite her appearance: and she's beautiful and horrid at the same time. She's said to have 'a bit of a harsh atmosphere', and with her frigid stares and the chill of the knife in her hand, it's easy for her coldness to weigh down on your shoulders. At first, she may not come off as too mentally unstable-- she's expressionless for the most part and it's rather difficult to draw out much of a reaction from her. Although she seems to be something of a blank slate, she does tend to look more sour and disapproving than anything else. Belarus is shown to carry around a knife at times, most notably in the Meeting Of The World strip where she's holding it to a traumatized Latvia's back as Russia scares him, but it wouldn't be surprising if she were always armed, due to her tumultous history and difficult upbringing.

According to a footnote at the end of Russia's Big And Little Sisters in Hetalia volume 2, Belarus briefly became a sort of surrogate younger sister to America after the fall of the Soviet Union, which could mean that she still has some feelings towards him for aiding her in her time of need. The official Hetalia "desktop buddy" Belarus provides that she loves the occult and that her favorite reading material was the Soviet newspaper Pravda. Latvia also mentions that Belarus has been into rock music as of late, perhaps to compliment her rough persona.

Anyone apart from her siblings, she tends to treat cruelly-- especially if they're caring to her. It's not that she intends to reject the offered kindness; rather, it seems as though a vicious response is merely her default reaction to everything and it might also be a way to protect herself. She's strong, both in persistence and in mannerism. Her lovely feminine features and soft appeal are greatly contrasted by her sharp words, furrowed brow and blunt honesty. As Belarus is sometimes seen as being completely and utterly insane and prone to sudden and unexplained violent outbursts, this is not actually the case. Though she is quite the stubborn one and quick to anger if the wrong words are said (insulting someone she cares about, for instance), she does not needlessly stab whoever crosses her path with a knife. Not to say that she won’t if you provoke her enough, but unlike some people think she doesn't just attack without good (... relatively) reason.

Still, this anger and mistrust seems to be born mostly, though not entirely, of past pains; the only ones she seems to trust are her siblings. Belarus is unable to comprehend that people aren't entirely malleable. The fact that her brother doesn't love her as she loves him, by virtue of her love alone, troubles her greatly. Her sister Ukraine is probably a source of comfort, even if Belarus is hesitant to ask for it... although, Ukraine is yet another person that Belarus is deeply jealous of regarding her brother. They were both very close, even in childhood, but Belarus was always prone to jealousy whenever Russia entered the picture.

So continues the pattern of emotional (and physical) abuse toward the people who love her. And, well. To everyone else, too. Her animosity towards the Baltics seems to be endless. However, she does have a bit of a soft spot for America (it's about the size of the one she holds for her sister Ukraine), thanks to his temporary adoption of her as a sibling following the fall of the USSR.

Belarus also isn't really that experienced in romantic relationships... at all; this is apparent in the way that she constantly pesters her brother to marry her, so things involving romance can be a tad awkward for her since she doesn't have much experience in that area. Of course, her almost scarred mentality and very bit more unapproachable always kept people away from her, making her just a tad bit more unaprouchable. Although it could also be some way to protect herself from others, but she doesn't have a problem with it -apprently-.

At one point, when she was still a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, she had a large amount of respect for Lithuania (Toris), although she now doesn't see the current Lithuania, the used to be house maid of Russia who allows himself to be walked all over at times, and the strong but gentle looking nation who used to rule most of Eastern Europe as the same person. In her eyes, she sees them as two different people. The respect that she had for Lithuania faded away along with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in her eyes, so did the man, or nation rather, that he used to be. Of course, she will forever be very annoyed by him for taking her away from her brother.

Depending on the language Belarus is speaking, her personality will vary slightly. For example, when she speaks English (obviously her defaultly spoken language) she seems to have a bored or annoyed exterior, when she speaks Russian she tends to seem a bit more easily angered and tends to snap more quickly, when she speaks Belarus she shows her emotions and expresses how she is feeling more easily, she will usually only speak complete sentences other than greetings and simple phrases with those she is close to or feels more safe around.

Belarus knew Lithuanian and Poland from her time in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but is extremely rare to hear her speak either of these languages unless something horribly ticked her. She does not like speaking of her time with them, it's a good way to make her snap at you. It brings out a lot of her emotions that she would rather not be feeling and memories that she finds to be best forgotten. It's probably for the best not to speak of it unless she is the one who brings it up.

All in all, she could easily fit into Slytherin while in the same time suiting Ravenclaw, but that would only work with intelligence. Although her rather cut-throat, stop at nothing to get what she wants would easily make her the sort for Slytherin. As shown by her persistence to get her brother to marry her, breaking down the knob of a door to get to him. She's pretty ambitious, a very strong leader, if not completely intemidating. Her cold, unreadable expression and blank mannerisms going hand in hand with her complete roughness in everything she does, not to mention her underhanded touch of almost child-like cruelty can have her suited for Slytherin.


POSITION: Student.



She's gone through enough to be unusually calm in very trying situations, she is far worse at dealing with the unexpected when it comes in the form of interactions with other people; she could easily lose her temper, due to her limited patience for other people. Although she most likely wouldn't hurt those close to her, she could easily break the bones of those who hurt them. Of course, having been a war-ravaged country, she's well adapted to fighting, being able to fight with both daggers and using her own body. She is more suited to close range combat. Although she is a fairly good shot, she prefers using her knives to protect herself, for she is more used to them and they've served her well. Needless to say, she always carries knives and daggers with her and is pretty much on guard all of the time.

As for magical abilities, she would probably do well with healing spells

Naturally, she would be much better with the dark arts, due to her often malicious nature: she would no doubt have the will to perform any of the Forbidden Curse. She would also be quick to respond to things around her, which might lead to her attacking first before fully assessing the situation. Although she might sometimes use her wand to jab or hit people with... or generally use it as an extension of her arm for purposes other than casting spells.


Core would be made out of Dragon heartstring, as for the wood it would be Pine. She is perfectly being the sort that likes to keep to herself and mostly depending on herself. 8" for the length, it would be much easier for her since she's so used to daggers and knives after all. The rather stiff wood is already hard to break things, combined with her rather stern and hard to shake personality it's rather hard to break unless she, herself, was under that much pressure. That and also it would be rather heavy although she would beg to differ since it is hers after all. Pretty rigid as well, she could easily smash people with it too... And break bones.

The strength is rather balanced at most times, but it could easily back-fire if she was too angered by something. Although being rather used to being in the battle-field, albeit rarely frightened inwardly by all the memories which could easily come up, it would take a lot for her to lose balance. Although when it comes to things that need for her to change an object to another it would be rather hard for her, since it would be hard for her to imagine changing something like that. Far to simple for her to understand. But when it comes to dark arts, surprisingly enough she would easily be able to cast them, of course, after a few tries.



[ Having finally made her way out of the horrid class, she felt rather proud of herself, but she kept that to herself, wearing her usual bored expression. She lightly tapped it with a small sigh, staring blankly for a few moments going through a few things before clickling on the feed. The room with the potions was on use, she couldn't have made her way in without being caught so she let it go... For now. This was perfectly privated away from all the teachers, only to bite her lip and shoot looks around her worriedly. ]

Anyone want to do something actually useful right now? [ Since she could have almost sweared that she would have enjoyed pulling out her teeth more then having to listen to all of that, and having to wait for so long to get to do the charm, she got the gust of it. As it was, she was already easily aggigtated and this was something that bothered her. ]

Maybe... a duel? [ Now that is something she was perfectly fine with doing, and was actually looking forward too. At least in that way she can see if she has everything down, and maybe even try and use some spells she didn't get toaght yet? That could work beatifully, and it would let her take out some of that extra stress right now. Being in diffrent years then other people she cared about -read; two people- really made her very much annoyed. ]

Who's in?


She couldn't believe how boring this was, staring blankly at the students around her with a rather dull expression while she unharmounislly taps her pen againts the table everynow and then. "Need to get out," she mummbled to herself, eyes shifting suspisously to the door anytime the teacher looked away. The monotonus voice of the teacher was killing her inside, eying her wand with a rather pleeding look. If only she knew a spell to help her get out of here without having to deal with this. Or she could just sneak out? That could work, maybe distract everyone first. Being completely distracted at the moment, she didn't hear a single word anyone was saying, mumbbling to herself with a completely unreadable express. Her usual bored expression, with just a hint of mechivve in her eyes.

"Maybe..." she muttered again, running her hand through her hair again before nodding to herself, hopefully she can rememeber one. She could get out of here, she had to, she was dead set on this and somehow she will.... Maybe she had to take more care about her charms, but this lesson was to much. What do you mean removing points from her house? She didn't think of that, although even if she did she wouldn't have batted an eye at it for a second. She couldn't help wanting to go out at a day like this, never the less wanting to go and see people she cared for at the moment. That and she would rather be taking a ride on her broom, or even better? Doing some dark magic sounded nice just about now.

She wasn't all that good at charms, but maybe she could test her skills at a time like this? Could work. "Confundus," she said with a small breathy sigh as she pointed the wand at the teacher from behind one of the students, just so they wouldn't catch her doing it. Something she learned to do with a gun, but it seemed to work just fine. Once it actually worked and it showed easily, she quietly made her way out, evading any teacher and everyone she spotted in her way with far to much ease. "There, easy" was the last thing she mumbled, a hint of a smirk on her lips. If only she had something that made all of this sneaking away easier...


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